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Thankful for a Stranger’s Disappointment (The Real Value)

It’s no secret that I collect the artwork of Texas artist, W.A. Slaughter. I am almost at that point in my life that I don’t need or want any more of his paintings. From time to time, I get contacted by individuals who have inherited some of his paintings or need to sell one. I always respond to these inquiries because I view it as a stranger contacting me to help them in some way. I was taught that a “good neighbor” always tries to help others when asked…


Love Doing Laundry!

Yes, it may sound weird but I love doing my own laundry.  My wife often gets a little upset with me when I do laundry since she perceives it as “her job.”  I have tried to figure out why doing laundry gives me a feeling of calming pleasure, and I think I might have some insight into my weirdness…

More Than Just Old Books!

This past Friday, September 11th, I was involved in the delivery of a special aircraft.  The experience was heartfelt for me and those in attendance.  It was to be a day of celebration, as well as a day of remembrance.  I thought long and hard about what would be the appropriate way to balance the two, as we took the time to reflect on the past events in the history of our Country.  I wanted to do something that would be spiritually meaningful, so I came up with an idea…

Old Fashioned Thank You!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I send out lots of handwritten ‘Thank You’ notes that are written from the heart.  You would even be surprised how many ‘Thank You’ notes I get back for my ‘Thank You’ notes.

Got Balls? Whatever It Takes!

got-ballasAt KING AEROSPACE, taking care of the customer goes beyond just making sure we are fulfilling their project-related requests. I like to check in and see what else I can do to take care of them, even if it’s personal in nature—whether it’s hosting a picnic or sponsoring little-league or flying in needed supplies to a deployment site. This past week I had one of the most unique requests that I can ever recall, and one I’ll never forget.READ MORE

Pain-free Projects Are Not an Accident

If you have ever been involved in a refurbishment project of any size—whether it be a room, an entire house, an antique automobile or even an airplane—there can be painful times and there can be times of great satisfaction. Over the years I have experience both extremes.READ MORE

Aviation Pioneer Trivia

PioneerOver the years, I have curiously looked back over the names and histories of some of the major aviation organizations that today are highly-respected organizations.  I am a little surprised (but should not be) to trace the companies’ origins back to individuals who had dreams and demonstrated a relentless commitment to those dreams. The heritage of these individuals and their companies are recorded and not forgotten, but sometimes we are just too busy to reflect back on them. I would like to share with you a few of the stories I find most interesting.  I have attempted to provide you with accurate facts but might not have gotten everything perfect.  This is my “fine print disclaimer.”READ MORE

Unofficial Positive Performance Indicators

At the KING AEROSPACE Companies we claim that we strive to satisfy our customers and meet their expectations. There is no doubt that sometimes we fall short of our objective, but it is not due to lack of commitment. Our performance and customers’ satisfaction can be measured by very formal and not so formal means.READ MORE

Level of Trust

I often try to verbalize to our KING AEROSPACE Team my heartfelt desire of the level of service and commitment we seek to demonstrate to each other, those we serve and those we encounter. It has taken me years to find the right words to describe the trust that I strive to achieve. Only recently have I identified two experiences that help me communicate what I seek. I want to share them with you.READ MORE

Got Something to Learn?

My Puerto Rican Grandmother could not read or write. My father’s mother lived the early part of her life in an orphanage in Dallas and didn’t graduate from high school. READ MORE

The Elements of Flight with a Little Extra

Every day, I work on being positive and realistic. One of my routines is to begin and end most days reading or listening to something positive and inspirational. Often I will share these tidbits of wisdom with others. Recently, I shared a story from one of my favorite speakers. He compared people to the elements of flight.READ MORE

What’s the Plan?

I think it’s safe to say that almost all of us, in each cycle of our lives think we know what we want.  Too often though, we don’t really think about the steps to take to get us there.  Regardless of what you want, you have to have a plan to make it successful.  So I ask myself and others “What’s the plan?”READ MORE

Thank God It’s a New Year

I am so very thankful for 2014, but I look forward to 2015!  For 22 years we at the KING AEROSPACE Companies have been getting prepared for 2015 in so many ways.  Over the past 22 years we have had our share of ups and downs with our relentless focus on always striving to do the right thing for the right reason.READ MORE

Tis the Season to be Jolly?

At Christmastime I am always full of mixed emotions and try to keep everything in perspective as best I can. I find it interesting to listen to the debates of whether it is proper to say “Merry Christmas” versus “Happy Holidays.”  I find it painful at times to be in traffic and to witness acts by people who are probably kind-hearted, but it isn’t apparent in their driving in the Dallas mall traffic.READ MORE

Sharing some Heartfelt Private Thoughts

Recently I was asked to share with my church congregation at their Sunday evening service.  I prayerfully accepted the request and decided to wear my KING AEROSPACE uniform to share some heartfelt words.  My uniform consists of khaki pants, a collared KING AEROSPACE blue polo work shirt with the KING AEROSPACE Gold Wings embroidered over my heart, along with dark brown Lucchese goat skin boots.  The following is the message that I attempted to deliver.READ MORE

Earning Your Wings

earn-your-wingsI would like to share with you something that we do that I believe makes us different from many companies.READ MORE

Living or simply existing?

dare-to-liveAre you living or just existing? Regardless of age, sex, education or resources what are you doing? Are you doing a hybrid of both? When the going gets tough or the challenges are many do you retreat into a simply trying to exist mode? READ MORE

Conscious Capitalism, Part II: Relationships

Recently, I wrote about an organization called Conscious Capitalism and the first of their four basic principles, Higher Purpose. This week, I’m writing about the second principle called Stakeholder Orientation. (The other two principles I will address later are Conscious Leadership and Conscious Culture.) Stakeholder Orientation is not a difficult concept to grasp – it’s recognizing your business is really a very intricate and interconnected web of important relationships.READ MORE

Conscious Capitalism: Purpose beyond profits

I always believed in a higher purpose in life and recently I learned that it’s called Conscious Capitalism. There is also an organization by the same name. This organization promotes a philosophy grounded on four basic principles: Higher Purpose, Stakeholder Introduction, Conscious Leadership and Conscious Culture.READ MORE

Commemorative Air Force, welcome to Dallas!

On behalf of the KING AEROSPACE family of employees, we extend a warm welcome to the Commemorative Air Force, which relocate their national headquarters to Dallas Executive Airport later this year.READ MORE

Running for Our Wounded Warriors

I used to be a runner and wish that I still was. Despite having knee surgery, back and shoulder surgery, I am handing in there on a treadmill every day for about 30 minutes five days a week. I truly wish that I could participate in a run to support a fantastic organization called Wounded Warrior Project. As you may know, our home office for KING AEROSPACE is in Addison in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area. On Sunday, June 8, the Wounded Warrior Half Marathon & 10K will be held in Las Colinas, Texas.READ MORE